Illustration Styles

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Creating: I Design and illustrate maps on any subject, emulating
any style or time period.
Evaluating and recommending: I review existing maps and
outline how they can be updated and improved.

Consulting: I Provide support and advice on a range of
accessibility, visitability, and wayfinding issues.
Creating: I design and then supervise the manufacture and
installation of physical facility improvements and signage programs.
Evaluating and recommending: I provide comprehensive writtenreports -- including preliminary design solutions -- on how
to remove accessibility obstacles, and update and improve entire facility and graphic wayfinding challenges.

Creating: I design and illustrate, and then supervise the
manufacture and installation of indoor and outdoor exhibits and interpretive facilities.

Creating: I design and illustrate logos, international symbols, rebuses, and custom graphics.

Facilitating: I organize and lead charrettes, seminars, and
workshops on interpretive, mapping, accessibility,
visitability, and wayfinding  issues.
Teaching: I have been teaching various illustration courses for over twenty years.
Creating:  I can create images in a variety of traditional and digital media styles.