Illustration Styles

Hello, and welcome to my web site.

I am an independent professional who has been illustrating maps
and designing wayfinding programs and exhibits for museums,
schools, libraries, and municipalities for over twenty-five years.

Since the five-year period I spent as a staff exhibit designer with the American
Museum of Natural History in New York City in the late 1970‘s, I have been working as
an independent designer and illustrator with public institutions nation-wide. In
collaboration with specialists in fields such as architecture, engineering, and education,
I have worked on projects as diverse as public transportation maps, interior and exterior
wayfinding programs, outdoor interpretive trails, history and science exhibits, exhibit
installation troubleshooting, interactive computer programs, preservation projects for
historic buildings, visitor center design, municipal zoning review and revision, municipal
wayfinding, and institution-wide visitability.

I have a BA degree from Pratt Institute in Exhibit Design, and an MA degree from
Syracuse University in Illustration.

My goals are straight forward: to design and illustrate attractive visitor
maps and effective, enduring wayfinding programs that help the largest
number of visitors to a facility enjoy their experience to the fullest.